Life can be complicated. NxEco was created for two reasons, to help you save money while saving water. We wanted to make our smart sprinkler controller easy to setup and easy to use, without having to become an expert in smart irrigation. We wanted to create a sprinkler controller like you are used to seeing; something durable; something reliable; something that uses the best technology without hassles and looking unfamiliar. We hear what you are asking for and our answer is YES.

NxEco Smart Sprinkler Controllers.

Smart Should be Better. Better Should be Simple.

NxEco Smart Watering Controller

Easy to Install

Plug and play compared to other traditional controllers and in as little as 15 minutes.

Auto Adjusts to Weather Conditions

Automatically adjusts to weather conditions to save you both time and money.

Save on Your Water Bill

Save water up to 50% annually, and EPA WaterSense Certified with significant rebates .

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Mobile Control

Download our App and manage watering from your iPhone or Android device.

Future Proof

Controller will work the same as a traditional controller if no internet connection is available.

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The NxEco App:manage your sprinklers at anytime from anywhere

Our app was designed with our a simple mission in mind.
Smart should be better, better should be simple.
With thousands of hours of testing, our mobile app is designed to always work with simplicity. On average most people learn how to use our mobile app in the same time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Simple to use with powerful features like second user authorization, perfect to allow your landscape professional access to your controller without worries.
NxEco supports the smart irrigation at following countries:USA,Australia,Belgium,China, Luxembourg,Netherlands,Germany,Italy,Serbia,France,Spain,Japan,Chile,Brazil, Mexico,South Africa,New Zealand,Argentina,Austria,United Kingdom,Switzerland,Canada